Handsets, Cordless, etc

Check out our range of handset and cordless VoIP phones, perfect for your business!

Yealink SIP-T21P-E2

NZD 117.00

IP phone, Dual Ethernet, 132x64 pixel graphical LCD with backlight, PoE, (AC Adapter optional)

Yealink SIP-T19-E2

NZD 101.40

IP phone, Dual Ethernet, 132 x 64 pixel graphical LCD, PoE (AC Adapter optional)

Compatible Power Supply

NZD 18.20

5V, 1.2A Power Supply for Yealink

Yealink SIP-W52P

NZD 234.00

The Yealink SIP-W52P is a HD DECT VoIP phone system that includes the phone and the base station. The SIP-W52P has a range of over 50 meters indoors / 300 outdoors and can be paired with up to 5 handsets making it a good match for spaces where mobility is key.

Yealink SIP-W52H

NZD 156.00

The Yealink SIP-W52H is a VoIP DECT cordless handset that can be paired with a Yealink SIP-W52P DECT base station. Up to 4 additional SIP-W52H handsets can be paired with one base giving increased mobility and freedom to users.

Grandstream GXP1610 HD

NZD 60.25

A single-line IP phone with a 132x48 graphical LCD, RJ9 headset jack (supporting EHS with Plantronics headsets), 3 XML programmable context-sensitive soft keys, dual network ports, and 3-way conference capability.

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